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Psychotherapy BirminghamNatasha Williams is the director of Natasha Williams Ltd. Established in 2011, the company prides itself in helping others achieve a brighter future.

Having over 14 years experience of working on a one to one basis with adults, children and their families, Natasha has provided emotional support to people who are from different ethnicities, cultures, religions and genders. This has included supporting individuals who have experienced abuse, loss, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, mental health problems.

The company provides Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) to adults, children and adolescents. This is delivered by Natasha and a number of associates who work on behalf of the company. Based in Birmingham, the company has access to various therapy rooms within Birmingham City centre, all close to public transport routes.

Natasha Williams is qualified to use CBT and EMDR to help adults, children and adolescents with emotional problems. She has a vast amount of experience in treating such individuals within private practice, the NHS and within schools.

Natasha is a member and accredited with BABCP. She is supported by a clinical supervisor on a monthly basis and continues to engage in personal and professional experience.

All associates working on behalf of the company are experienced and qualified to treat adults and all have enhanced CRB / DBS checks, relevant qualifications and professional indemnity insurance.


The Services we Offer:




Natasha and associates have experience of using CBT and EMDR in treating individuals, including professionals who are seeking a therapeutic service that requires the therapist to have a clear understanding of the difficulties and stresses that they may face within their careers. The main approach the service uses is CBT, however recommendations for the use of EMDR will be shared with clients after the initial assessment if it is felt it would be appropriate. Natasha Williams and associates have a sensitive, empathetic and confidential approach has been successful in treating many professionals including Teachers, Social workers, Police officers and Nurses.

Natasha Williams Psychotherapy services adhere to the BABCP standards of performance, conduct and ethics. Included in this is the respect of confidentiality of clients. As a consequence, all personal information in therapy is kept private and confidential. However, there are some circumstances where it is appropriate to share information with third parties if it is felt that risk is posed to yourself or others. This is usually discussed in further detail in the first appointment.

Individual's data is also protected by the fact that Natasha Williams Psychotherapy services is a registered Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 and operates in accordance with its legal requirements.


Natasha and associates have experience of treating children and adolescents' age ranges 8 - 18 years old. Therapy is used to treat children and adolescents within school environments, GP practices; children who are in Local authority care (foster care or residential care) and young people whose parents' pay privately.

Holistic therapies

Individuals can also be sign posted to local services that provide other holistic therapies that can be used alongside CBT. This includes Indian head message, which can help with stress and can help relieve tension headaches, and Reflexology, which helps alleviate pain, tension and regaining overall balance within the body.

Clinical Supervision

Natasha is experienced in providing clinical supervision to Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy / Hi intensity students. Please make contact for further information.

Customer Testimonials


"Natasha Williams has provided CBT for my client referral. She has excellent clinical knowledge, expertise and experience in her field of work. Natasha has a welcoming and empathetic manner, she understands clients' issues and can work with them to find positive ways of managing their problems. Natasha has a personable approach as well as being a consummate professional and I have no hesitation when referring any of my clients to her as an Associate of my service."

– Leanne Ling Red Swan Psychological consultancy ltd

"Natasha, Thank you for helping me find who I am."

– C.P

"Natasha was thorough in our sessions. She made me more aware of myself. It (CBT) made me understand reasons behind my ongoing health issues and ways to improve me feeling so low. Natasha is flexible and happy for me to contact her if I need the occasional "top up" session."

– R.A

"Natasha, Thank you for your help and support"

– P.T

"I wouldn't have been back to my normal self without Natasha help. She is a lovely person. I saw Natasha within days of asking for help. Thank you."

– M.A

"I was a bit sceptical at first but Natasha was excellent."

– E.F

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