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What will happen in therapy?


Psychotherapy BirminghamAs previously stated the main treatment approach used by Natasha Williams Psychotherapy services is CBT. Within this modality, the initial contact would be a process of gathering information about the your current difficulties and what types of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours are maintaining the difficulties.

It would be at the end of the session that Natasha or an associate Psychotherapist would be able to advise on what they believe the problem is and if CBT is still appropriate for treating your difficulties. If it were felt that CBT was appropriate and you wanted to commence therapy, then the following therapy session would look at a "formulation" (how your problems developed and how they are maintained) of your problems. Collaboratively, a problem list would be produced, as well as specific goals for the future (whether this be for the end of therapy or in the near future) and then treatment would commence using the two major treatment modalities;

- Cognitive Therapy, which is designed to target unhelpful and /or irrational beliefs, attitudes or thoughts.

- Behaviour Therapy, which is designed to target disabling, unproductive or maladaptive behaviours.

Please note, if it is felt that EMDR would be a more beneficial approach to treating your difficulties, then the structure of therapy will be slightly different. However, specific details of this can be discussed at the initial assessment session.






CBTSessions and agreed homework tasks may include activities such as behaviour activation to increase your motivation and mood, or thought challenging whereby activities or experiments are planned in order to challenge some of your unhelpful thinking and beliefs. Sessions would be based on working through your problem list, at the same time as addressing some of your goals.

Sessions are normally 45 - 60 minutes long and work in accordance with NICE guidelines. Therapy can be completed within 10-20 sessions depending on the specific issue or disorder. Some disorders may require more sessions, however, the therapist would review progress and the number of sessions periodically.

Referrals are accepted from GP's, individuals who are able to fund therapy themselves, EPA's and companies working on behalf of solicitors or insurance groups.

The company is also registered with a number of private health insurance companies and so is able to offer therapy to individuals via their health insurance package.

For further details please make contact.


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